Amazon takes a detour over Fire tablet encryption


Amazon has been up on its toes to restore the disk encryption security back to its mobile operating system. The company earlier faced criticism as it came forward saying that the feature will be dropped out from the recent update i.e. Fire OS.

Previously, the firm also justified their decision by saying that the customers weren’t using the private facility. But, after facing the criticism they now intend to introduce it back. The criticism came over after much-publicized issue between Apple and FBI.  The facility has been digitally scrambling the data on the device that made it impossible to make any sense of it until passcode or ID check has been provided. The current dispute going on between apple and FBI has made it evident that apple’s concerns to alter its own operating system to prevent an iPhone’s data being wiped if incorrect passcode has been entered more than 10 times. Amazon had already backed apple via legal filing is also known as an amicus brief, which was submitted to the court last week by the Amazon’s attorney general.

Amazon previously removed disk encryption when they had released Fire OS 5 last year. It came in with the operating system with its Fire tablets and TV- streaming devices. However, it backfired when angry customers came out when they got know that the new update was made available only to older fire tablets, who also noticed the secure facility was no longer available. People mentioned that they wouldn’t be able to use their business email as the companies wanted the device that is encrypted. It came in as shock for them, as Amazon had deleted the critical feature of the device.

However, the company has reversed the stance last weekend by supporting Apple. Which was also confirmed by company’s spokesperson “We will return the option for full disk encryption with the Fire OS update coming this spring”.
Experts suggested Amazon should indeed be looking at better prospects for their customers with a better security that is needed. They too were surprised with Amazon removing the feature. It’s certainly possible that many didn’t actually enable it or perhaps they found it quite inconvenient to do so. But, removing it was not a better solution. But, making it user-friendly. So, that people can easily use it would have been more appropriate. With amazon taking U-turn over fire tablet encryption actually made the users happy.