BMW’s Vision Next 100: Bringing a shape shifting future


We have to give it to BMW, as they know how to celebrate their 100th birthday in style, the brand could have easily pumped up some retro roadster or sedan concept to showcase it creativity and still it would have been a lot cooler as any BMW is. But, what they did instead: was looking at the far future of car driving and kind of cars they will be making or they already have started, if we can say. Presenting to you; The BMW Vision Next 100 Concept.
To begin with a special event that starts in Munich today, BMW will be first unveiling its four concepts for each of the four brands—BMW, Mini, Rolls, and motorcycles—that showcase some vivid imaginations of the nearer future tomorrow. Those concepts cars will be shown at other global car events later this year, but this new concept is here now. So what is this thing? Will it be similar to the car of the future that every car maker promises when they launch a concept, BMW differs from it? It is said that it can switch from an autonomous to human-driven modes in an instant. Those modes are said to Ease and Boost. The interior controls can transform according to the needs of each mode required.
This Boost is actually interesting because it will bring in the whole “Ultimate Driving Machine” thing to the next level by using AR (Augmented Reality) to help the drivers become the best drivers they can ever be. The car has those ideal racing lines, steering points and speed, quoted BMW. If said, the car is a completely self-driving car. The “skin” of the car. As Top Gear has explained, inside the triangular “scales” of turn red to warn the driver of upcoming threats, and as the front wheels turn, the bodywork that is wrapped around the car stretches and grimaces. We yet don’t know how much better it will be than those conventional wheels and tires that the companies, but in the concept video, it actually looks neat. Of course, it is not yet in the production line—but, hey that’s what concept cars are here for. Also, when BMW concepts are introduced. They can’t be shrugged off like that, Remember, BMW i8. BMW’s vision also showcased some of the future design.
We are captivated by it and we hope, we see more 100th birthday concepts, too.