Not going to be A Self-less Art of Selfie


When Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said, “God is in the Details”, he must have not anticipated the detailing some companies may get into, especially when it’s about using “Selfie for making payments for online purchase”

The E-commerce Retail giant Amazon has filed a patent application for pay-by-selfie technology that would allow customers to authenticate transactions by clicking a photo or video of themselves. This would help to improve to web security as it is far likely to be hacked than a password.

The application was filed for patent in the month of October 2015 and it has come to news recently. The patent also looks forward to a day when users can just look at the Amazon’s digital Assistant Alexa and Confirm the purchase. Regarding the selfie pay system Amazon mentions that the process relies on facial recognition pattern and further the user is asked to move their head, smile or blink to ensure that the user is present instead of the picture of the user.

Mastercard has used a similar thing which enables its customer to make the payments on their smartphones by taking a selfie; this was a pilot project and was limited to 500 customers.

This move could trigger a new avenue of making payments online in an innovative way and could also lead to embarrassment and trouble at times, as not many people world-wide own a smart phone and imagine your phone asking you to make various faces for making payments.

It would remain interesting to be seen how the other online players would try their hand at making innovative ways of making payments online, maybe with a fingerprint, thumbprint or perhaps taking a picture of your nose!

Marketing Analysts also say that this move by Amazon will help the company to develop its brand image and will also have a very strong brand recall as whenever a person clicks a selfie, s(he) is in a positive swing.

It wouldn’t be unfair for the mom and pop stores as they can too start with some similar ways to attract footfall like sharing the picture of themselves shopping in the store on their Facebook page and earning some discount on their next purchase. It remains needless to say that the world of Information Technology has not only brought ease of making trade and payment but has also contributed to making commerce a very fun loving thing!

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