Amazon’s New Kindle Oasis


Big news for the loyal fans of e-books as Amazon Kindle Oasis launches. But, will the users shell out the tablet prices for that of an e-book reader? Amazon will be able to see as and when it launches.
E-commerce giant’s new and updated Kindle is one of its smallest and lightest version yet. But, it will be its most expensive that will launch at Rs. 23,999 in India, which is 5 times more than its best seller Kindle Voyage, which comes with the base price of Rs. 16, 499 in India. The recent version of kindle will have a sleek frame and a cover that will also have a rechargeable battery and attract e-book users to its new eighth generation device, called the Kindle Oasis.
Amazon spokesperson confirmed that the new Kindle is 30% thinner and 20% lighter than all of its previous versions of Kindles. It also has asymmetrical, with a grip on one side specifically for one-handed reading. Neal Lindsay, vice president of Amazon Devices said, “The company’s goal? “To make the device disappear”. They want people to read without distraction. E-reader landscape has entirely changed since, the launch of Kindle in 2007. At the beginning, it wasn’t a big hit. But, amazon’s patience paid of around 2012 as more e-reader grew by years. The sales did drop back in 2013. But, again rose in the year 2014 by 3.8%, stats confirmed by Association of American Publishers. With the current going at the flash speed, Kindle has been able to sustain its image in the category for Amazon year-over-year. The organisation hasn’t released their sales figure as of now. Amazon has also launched several other devices, which includes its Kindle Fire tablets, Fire TV streaming stick and set top box, and the Echo smart speaker. But, kindle far ahead as dedicated e-reader help drive e-book sales at Amazon, which publishes many itself via Kindle Direct Publishing. Amazon also has Prime membership program that offers other goods and deals on its products.
“If you pick up a Kindle and read a book, eventually that may translate into watching Prime instant videos, joining Prime, or buying a physical book,” said R.W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian. Like previous Kindles, Amazon Oasis will feature a black and white screen that makes reading easier and gives more of a book feel. It also has 2 batteries in it – one for the reader and another for its cover that takes the battery life to a stretch of 9 weeks of “regular” reading (30 minutes a day by Amazon’s definition) or months on standby. Company calls it a ‘dual battery system’. Oasis and its cover charge simultaneously via one port. One might wonder why Amazon keeps making more and more expensive Kindles, given that they do a lot less than what an average tablet does for a user. In essence, they’re intended to keep a demanding bunch of e-readers happy.
Kindle users utilises their devices 4 to 5 hours max a week on average, said Peter Hildrick-Smith, president of the consulting firm Codex. Oasis will prove to be far more effective for e-readers than tablet readers, who only manage about an hour a week. With e-readers like the Oasis, Amazon is “looking to keep their e-reading on the cutting edge,” Hildrick-Smith said. “What it’s not doing is appealing to people who aren’t already reading e-books.”
Pre-order begin from Wednesday and the device will ship out from April 27.