Activision and Sony Pictures announce pair of New Ghostbusters Games.


With upcoming Ghostbusters movie this July, Activision and Sony Pictures are announcing to launch a pair of new Ghostbusters games. One must say that it is conveniently timed to launch alongside each other.
It looks more of Diablo-esque, Sony PS4, Xbox One and PC release have described it as a “third-person action role-playing game’ and will feature local co-op for up to 4 players. It will be heading to digital storefronts as well as retail. Its mobile version which is titled as Ghostbusters: Slime City and sounds like a slower-paced asynchronous co-op experience with leader boards and whatnot.

One can even have at some screens of the Game. Also, trailer for console/PC version.
Activision Publishing, Inc., in collaboration with Sony Pictures Consumer Products, will be announcing a pair of new Ghostbuster game set in and is inspired by the comedic action world of the upcoming Ghostbusters film that will be releasing in Month of July. An event for the new movie will be taking place that introduce new casts of rookies of both Ghostbusters games keeping watch over the station while the now-famous Ghostbusters tour the country stopping high-profile poltergeists. In which, the paranormal phenomena unleashes its apparitions over the New York City, these new recruit squad donning their proton packs ad wrestle back those spirits to the afterlife. Ghostbusters, the console game is a third-person action role-playing game which is positively charged for thrilling couch co-op with up to four players on LAN network locally. Rookie Ghostbusters, players will be able to level up their roles and characters including gears by tackling objectives, crushing ghastly creatures and recovering the hidden collectibles in Manhattan’s most haunted areas. There are four different heroes to choose from, and each of its own unique personality and their play style, that also brings in their special strengths to support the team.

Ghostbusters will arrive on PS4, PC and Xbox One via Steam by July 12.
Ghostbuster: Slime City, the mobile game. Let’s the players be a Ghostbuster character and save the New York City from the series of threats. They can also team up with other players in asynchronous co-op, and also collect powerful ghosts to keep continuing their rise to the leaderboards. Players will also be able to craft their proton packs from end number of combinations of components, also they can upgrade their own headquarters and complete jobs around the city to buy new weapons and rewards.
Ghostbusters: Slime City is expected to launch in July on select iPhones, iPad and iPod touch devices via the Apple, selected Android devices via Play Store and Kindle devices as well through the Amazon App store.