“Apps for Earth” launched by Apple for Earth Day


Earth Day being just a week away from now, Cupertino Tech Giant “Apple” has begun its initiative wherein its users can help raise money for the World Wildlife Fund by making purchases within specially designated apps. It will run from now till April 24 i.e. 2 days after Earth Day), all the proceedings earned from participating apps will go to the WWF, a leading conversation organization that aims to protect natural resources – from forests and oceans to the wildlife and food – through innovative and global solutions. Few of the apps that joining in this fundraiser include Angry Birds 2, Hearthstone, VSCO, Trivia Crack and several dozen more from it. In addition to this, Apple has already changed the front-end of the App Store with multiple environmentally conscious message in it and themed categories. The official WWF together app acts as a hub for all the fundraising material, along with giving users themed content exclusively for Earth Day.

Apple spokeperson confirmed the same, “WWF is proud to be part of Apps for Earth, helping protect the planet, one app at a time. Through April 24 only, when you download WWF Together and purchase Earth’s story, 100% of proceeds go to WWF. In addition to 16 free stories of amazing animals, you’ll experience a 360-panoramic image of Earth from space on iPhone, play with digital water, and take and share a photo with the origami planet as part of #AppsforEarth”.
On the App Store, many of the apps have already been updated to reflect the partnership with Apple and WWF, but all of it has exclusive content in addition to raising money for the organisation. VSCO, popular camera app is best example for it. It has introduced a limited edition WWF pre-set that “enhances subtly natural setting and is quite ideal to showcases landscapes and wildlife in a picture.’ Angry birds 2 is also introducing a special level and spell into its campaign with an ocean conservation theme in it.

For more information on the work achieved by the World Wildlife Fund, check out its official website. More details on Apple’s own participation in environmental protection is available on its website, as well.