Microsoft to re-SURFACE back to the mobile division


Ever since, Microsoft acquire the Lumia from Nokia. Fans and Followers of Microsoft have had huge hopes with them. But, due to poor demand of Lumia phones and lesser applications. Microsoft had to drop Lumia series. But, the software giant is ready to make a return in the mobile market with new series of premium smartphones under the SURFACE brand.
There were speculations that new Microsoft smartphones will be arriving in the year 2017. But, now they are stating that they will be launching it by the year end i.e. 2016 by October with high-end features. Company is also looking to launch two other Surface products – Surface Book 2 and the Surface Pro 5. Best part of having a Surface Phone is that it can be integrated with Desktop and Laptop. Also, it can be connected with Xbox one. Company’s CMO “Chris Capossela” hinted the development of the smartphone stating that it will be similar to that of a full sized computer.

With the report being featured in Windows Central, the production of this new Smartphone will differentiated in three options with different configurations and price ranges than one another. It has been codenamed Juggernaut Alpha. Phone specifications that are speculated if believed are 4GB RAM with 32GB inbuilt storage, 6 GB RAM with 128 GB storage and 8 GB RAM with 512 GB storage. Based on demand and configuration according to the user, the new smartphone will fall between $799 and $1099 which is quite high than the iPhone. Microsoft is branding it as the business phone, and so is their Target Audience which is, consumers, enthusiasts and business oriented people. All three phone will be released with the latest Windows 10 Operating system in it.

Terry Mason, the Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group, while speaking at Microsoft’s BUILD 2016 conference stated that the Windows Phone was not the right way to reach out to the large group of phone customers. Devices like Xbox and HoloLens were essential and to get things going. However, he also gave a hint about the upcoming Surface smartphone series by stating that it will be the most important part of Microsoft’s product line up. The new Surface Phone will have an interface that is based on the current Surface devices from the company and is expected to be developed by the same team that worked on the earlier Surface Book and Surface Pro. According to recent news leaks, the all new Surface Phone will feature the Intel x86 processor and support programs like USB Type C port for rapid data transfers and Continuum. Added to this, the x86 processor will be proficient enough of executing both Windows Store apps and Win32 apps so that the phone can function like users very own personal computer.
While, we end this article here. We would like to mention that we too have high end expectations with Surface Phone that will be having unique features just like Surface Book.