How secure is your finger print?


If you had ever come across any movie which had a robbery in the 60’s, 70’s you would have definitely come across the robber using a soap to get the impression of the key and making a duplicate one of the key and looting the safe. Things have moved ahead from there now the secure we don’t keep our belongings in physical forms even if we do the use of keys has fallen so the case of duplication doesn’t arise and have replaced it with biometric safes so that no one but us can use it. But what if I was to tell you that the problem with keys has come back to haunt us and the very same method that was used is being again used again. History is repeating itself and unlike in the early days when the threat could be averted by having multiple keys it has become even more credible now will you believe it?

As finger print scanners are replacing nearly every other form of security, from our mobile phones to our attendance to our ids we have reached a stage where a threat unlike ever heard of has gripped us.As this article on the Verge states that
“In five minutes, a single person faked a fingerprint and broke into my phone. It was simple. All it took was some dental mold to take a cast, some play-dough to fill it, and then a little trial and error to line up the play-dough on the fingerprint reader. We did it twice with the same print: once on an iPhone 6 and once on a Galaxy S6 Edge. As hacks go, it ranks just a little harder than steaming open a letter”

The single biggest vulnerability that we are facing now is our own finger print and that is the biggest security lapse as the use of biometric devices are ever increasing. The problem is unlike security codes where we can have a new combination or the physical locks which can be replaced there is no substitute for a finger print and once hacked there is simply no way out of it and a hacker can have access to it for forever.

Technology makes things easy but there are certain catches attached with it and if these are not addressed the circumstances could be dire. Its time to be a bit more circumspect and maybe in some cases go back to the classic ways of numbers and combinations.