Oculus Rift now at a Store near you.


There has been huge anticipation for the launch of Oculus Rift among the tech geeks. The Virtual Reality headset which was till now only available to those limited few who had pre ordered it is about to make a big leap. In order to tell the users what its is like to experience the Virtual Reality(VR) World The headsets prices at $600 a piece is working with Best Buy to offer demonstrations to customers at its stores starting May 7. The company said it will offer a variety of demos at the stores, including the rock-climbing game The Climb.

The program will launch in 48 Best Buy stores, with more planned for later this summer. the main aim of the program is to immerse the audience into the world of VR, for until and unless they experience it they will remain skeptical about it and thus will hamper the market of VR in the future. The decision make much of sense given that there is still limited availability of VR headsets in the market and prices at a premium price customers need to be sure that the risk is worth taking. However not everyone is happy with the decision taken by Oculus.
As one tech- critic puts it “This isn’t OK. This isn’t going to build confidence in the product. This is a pretty blatant middle finger to the people who believed in you first, while you seem to prioritize retail relationships and customers.”

However the company is saying that the people who pre-ordered get the option of buying from the retail outlets and also get to keep the offers that were on offer during the pre booking phase but that has made the customers who did pre booking even more angry as they know that the demand will far outstrip supply, it’s likely that lines will form for these few units. So everyone will be stuck waiting in line to get the hardware that Oculus sent to Best Buy instead of those who had pre-booked, for wasn’t not standing in line, and not having to go to a retail store, is kind of the entire point of pre-ordering hardware in the first place.
Will Oculus loose the loyalty of its customers in its attempt to expand its base is there to be seen once it opens the sale of Rift on May 7 at Best Buy.