The Falling Giant


Microsoft with its armory of Windows, MS Office Internet Explorer and Hotmail used to be a force to reckon with in the Computer World. For anyone growing in the 90’s when Computer was penetrating they were the top dogs, such was the Monopoly that they had many brushes with the US authorities. It managed to wade through all the legalities and killed all the competitions till Google came about in 1998. And since then it changed the rules of the game.And as Google transforms itself more than just a software company as the most integral part of our life through its various products, Microsoft which had once at the pinnacle is slowing but surely dying.

While Google is “Numero Uno” in the mobile software business with android enjoying a major bulk of the market share Windows is languishing even after launching Windows 10. Windows is still dominant in the Desktop business with Windows Operating system having more than 50% market share, its Internet Explorer(IE) is the latest to have taken the hit and finally after 20 years of dominance it has now fallen to the second spot. Google Chrome as of May 2016 has displaced Internet Explorer from the top spot and to make things even worse some websites say that IE is in fact 3rd place with Mozilla Firefox 2nd all this puts forward one thing that everyone has finally accepted the supremacy of Chrome.
This is of prominence as Every Windows PC is shipped with IE and is the default browser, whereas Chrome is a 3rd party software which needs to be downloaded and installed.Thus it speaks volumes about how the Windows empire is crumbling and the future doesn’t seem too bright with MS office 365 also facing threat from Apple and Google integrating their own office apps in the mails and smartphones. With the future belonging more and more to hand held devices than desktops, Microsoft is facing a daunting task and as things stands it is losing miserably.
What has hurt it even more is the search engine business where Google is more of a verb now, the process has been of searching something on the internet is called “googling” now, Bing, Yahoo two of the biggest names once in the business combined together are not equal half of the Google. The case is same for the outlook mail client with Gmail making massive inroads.
As things stand with one more tower down its only a matter of time when the windows castle will come down falling till then one can only wait and see as history repeats itself as once Microsoft did with Netscape.