Google’s Buying Spree Continues


Google today announced it has acquired Synergyse, a Toronto-based business technology startup that offers a training service specifically for Google Apps. This makes it one of the hottest buys of the season given the potential of the Startup. The Startup in 2013 had developed a training software for Google Apps users that keeps them up to date about new features and gives directions about how to use product. With the acquisition Google plans to integrate Synergyse Training, and can be used with the Chrome extension, into Google Apps and will start working by later this year. However the Details of the deal were not disclosed.

Google describes Synergyse Training as a “virtual coach inside of the Google Apps interface, built on Google Cloud Platform.” Synergyse boasts of its service has been used by over 4,000,000 people and 3,000 organizations. Before the acquisition Synergyse services had a pricing which started at $10 per year for individuals, $10 per employee per year for businesses, and was free for students. There was also a case-by-case option for companies with more than 5,000 employees. But now Synergyse Training is becoming available at no additional cost for all Google Apps users — in the meantime, existing customers can keep using it, and anyone can download the Chrome extension for free.

It may be regarded as home coming for Synergyse as it was founded by former Googlers Varun Malhotra and Majid Manzarpour in February 2013. The startup launched Synergyse Training in April of the same year. The Training provides voice and text interactive modules, searchable by topic and available directly in Google’s apps. The training are automatically updated with all the latest features as they are hosted in the cloud.

For the Google Apps product portfolio which includes Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Google+, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Sites, Synergyse offers an elegant way to scale our training offerings to our customers and our customers’ users helping Google naturally to grow that figure of existing customer base as well as the businesses that do sign up gets consolidated by improved user’s experience.

Given how Synergyse integrates with Google, as a service that requires a tech giant’s browser Chrome, is powered by Google’s giant’s cloud offering, and exists with the sole purpose of improving Google Apps services, and the fact that even the founders are Google’s ex employees it was only but time that this acquisition was going to happen.