UAE To build a man made mountain for rain


United Arab Emirates is renowned world over for creating mega structures, be it the tallest building in the world, or the largest artificial islands. It is now in fact going one step ahead and is planning to build an artificial mountain,large enough to change weather patterns and increase rainfall.

According to Arabian Business, the project is currently in its first stage of development as UAE has conducted a detailed modeling study with the assistance of US-based University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) and evaluated how a man-made mountain could maximize rainfall in the country.

“What we are looking at is basically evaluating the effects on weather through the type of mountain, how high it should be and how the slopes should be. We will have a report of the first phase this summer as an initial step.” NCAR scientist and lead researcher Roelof Bruintjes said in a statement.

The aim is to make air rise with the presence of the mountain and create clouds that in turn can be utilized to generate rain. Though designing and building a mountain which can produce desirable results would be an extremely difficult task.

“Building a mountain is not a simple thing,” said Bruintjes. “We are still busy finishing assimilation, so we are doing a spread of all kinds of heights, widths and locations (as we simultaneously) look at the local climatology.”

The modeling study was started in February last year with a funding of $400,000. The exact location of the structure has not yet been determined but experts are testing the weather conditions and geology of different sites across the UAE to find the most suitable location for the project.

“If (the project) is too expensive for (the government), logically the project won’t go through, but this gives them an idea of what kind of alternatives are there for the long-term future,” said Bruintjes. “If it goes through, the second phase would be to go to an engineering company and decide whether it is possible or not.”

Lack of rain is a serious issue in the regions like UAE which are considered predominantly arid with hot summers and warm winters. Rain generally falls just few days in a month which causes severe water shortage and that is something intolerable for one of the world’s popular countries for tourism.