Behold Monster Generation is coming.


Monster hunter generation is couple of months away from the U.S and European soil, and to make even more thoughtful.  Capcom and Nintendo have come together to roll out their limited edition new 3DS XL handheld consoles with the new game. It will basically start off with the gaming system redesigned with the Guild Symbol, which features main enemies called as Fated Four in the background.

Monster Hunter Generations is a few months away from landing on U.S. shores and European soil, and to make the day even more special, Capcom and Nintendo banded together to roll out limited edition New 3DS XL handheld consoles along with the game. To start things off, the gaming systems are decorated with the redesigned Guild symbol, featuring the main enemies called the Fated Four in the background. They’ll be available in two colors at launch, but they’re going to come with geographical restrictions.

The red limited-edition new 3DS XL will go official in Europe, and it’ll come with Monster Hunter Generations preinstalled already, while the blue version will hit the storefronts in North America without the game preloaded. As for availability, Monster Hunter Generations is set to go live on July 15, and just to be clear on the consoles, they’ll be up for grabs on the same day. With that said, fans here and there — namely, in the United States and Europe — can already preorder the awesome package. It’s listed over at GameStop with a $199.99 price tag. To keep the good news rolling, a playable demo of the game will also be available over at the Nintendo eShop, giving players the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new Hunter Arts and Hunting Styles early on. However, there’s no solid release date for this yet, but at any rate, it’s a safe bet to assume that it’ll go up way before July 15 at least. On an interesting note, it’s also worth mentioning that Monster Hunter Generations launched in Japan six months ago as Monster Hunter X.

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