Donald Trump’s New Mexico Rally Turns Violent


The attacks — delivered in Trump’s distinctive and belittling style — would no longer appear to be in his best interest now that the primary campaign is over and he faces a tough and well-funded opponent in Clinton. They could also further undercut his standing among women and minorities, who are strongly opposed to him in public-opinion polls.

Martinez — the nation’s first Latina governor and New Mexico’s first female governor — is the chair of the Republican Governors Association, which has deep coffers and can play a vital role in driving GOP turnout during an election year. Before Trump, she was also widely considered to be a leading pick as a potential 2016 vice-presidential candidate.

Martinez has criticized the way Trump describes illegal immigrants and decided not to attend his Albuquerque rally.

“The Governor will not be bullied into supporting a candidate until she is convinced that candidate will fight for New Mexicans,” a Martinez spokesperson said in a statement after the event.

Source: Washington post

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