Dragon Quest series history on PlayStation


Today is Dragon Quest’s 30th anniversary! The influential role-playing game franchise is a phenomenon in Japan, and is has a dedicated fanbase worldwide. Dragon Quest is set for a big 2016 with three releases planned (two of which are already out in Japan), so we wanted to take a look back at how the series has interacted with PlayStation over the past three decades.

Dragon Quest (or Dragon Warrior as it would initially be known as to American fans) initially released on Nintendo systems. It would stay faithful to Nintendo’s home consoles until 1999’s Torneko: The Last Hope, a dungeon crawling spin-off starring the merchant from the RPG’s fourth entry. PlayStation would become the series’ main home until 2006, when the success of the Nintendo DS would prove to be a more financially viable place for one of Japan’s most popular gaming franchises.

Read up on the behemoth RPG’s 30th anniversary by checking out the series’ on and off history with the PlayStation brand here:

Source: playstationlifestyle.net