Virtual Reality – The Omen X by HP PC Backpack


The Omen X by HP VR PC is nothing if not compelling. The company showed off a picture of the concept earlier today and let slip a smattering of details around the backpack PC but not much else. No press release, no product page. It was a fairly usual announcement for HP.

The hardware company’s VP of Consumer PC & Solutions Mike Nash agreed to shed a bit more light on the upcoming product, which is HP’s attempt to adapt the expand world of virtual reality through the creation of a rig that cuts the tethers, in hopes of providing a more immersive virtual experience.

“We’re learning a lot about how customers use and perceive VR,” says Nash. “There are two consistent pieces of feedback we’ve gotten. The first is that the demo is incredibly cool, and the second is that the cord is incredibly annoying. But despite all of the demos, nobody has tripped over the cord. We wondered why this was and basically people are aware of the cord the whole time so they don’t trip over it. In some sense it’s kind of limiting the overall VR experience. It feels a little less real.”

source: techcrunch