Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
Science | By Michele Flores

Microsoft says a powerful new Kinect hardware is coming in 2019

Microsoft says a powerful new Kinect hardware is coming in 2019

Microsoft already uses AI in its Office 365 suite, inside the Windows 10 Photos app, with Windows Hello facial recognition as well as in services that aid cybersecurity professionals and help advertisers.

The three-day event in Seattle features sessions on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, internet-connected devices and virtual reality.

To begin with, Microsoft is now open sourcing its Azure IoT Edge Runtime platform for developers.

Microsoft has also announced that users will be able to access Timeline on an iPhone with Microsoft Edge. As part of its Microsoft 365 strategy, Microsoft will allow users to view the contents of their phone on their Windows 10 PC and bring desktop features, such as the new Timeline experience, to mobile phones.

Microsoft is also launching a number of new technologies for developers around making better use of data and AI in their solutions.

National Hockey League tells player to stop licking opponents
In the first 30 seconds of the power play alone, the Lightning blocked three Bruins shots and Andrei Vasilevskiy saved another. It's the officiating inconsistencies that had Cassidy seemingly at wit's end. "To me, you look at the Acciari penalty".

Ambulatory sector comprised 70% of April healthcare hires
The level of jobs in civil undertakings has now caught up with its peak from before (in 2007), at about 1.0 million. Although Wall Street economists had expected an increase of about 193,000 jobs, 164,000 jobs were added in April.

Elon Musk hits back on complaints about Tesla's wild earnings call
Russell had asked on Twitter before the call if he could pose a question on behalf of individual investors, and Musk had agreed. I asked Musk how he thinks it will compare to the 2013 short squeeze that followed his 2012 warning to the shorts.

Microsoft may have killed its Xbox Kinect video game sensor in 2017, but the body-tracking device has since been reborn as a business tool. The offering is aimed at bringing AI to solutions for the edge and will be available next year.

Updates to Microsoft's Bot Framework, used for integrating chatbots, will offer improved dialogues and customisation of voices and personalities. Microsoft claims Project Brainwave makes Azure the fastest cloud to run real-time AI today.

To this end, Microsoft also announced the first Azure Cognitive Service available for the edge. Improvements to all three of these areas and products aim to help developers simplify how they build, enhance everyday software, and collaborate in real time. One notable update is that the company is patterning up with GitHub, to help developers automate their DevOps processes from right within the service without ever leaving GitHub. "As developers, your UWP will work with Sets from the start, helping to keep your customers engaged", said Microsoft in a statement.

There's a Time of Flight Sensor, IR sensors and Microsoft's next-generation depth camera with a resolution of 1024×1024 (up from 640×480) on board. Brainwave allows developers to deploy machine learning models onto programmable silicon and achieve high performance beyond what they'd be able to get from a CPU or GPU.

Previous year at Build Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, new mixed reality headsets and controllers, and "Project Emma", a wearable for Parkinson's disease sufferers.

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