Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

ARCore 1.2 adds collaborative augmented reality experiences and vertical plane detection

ARCore 1.2 adds collaborative augmented reality experiences and vertical plane detection

Then in March, having gone out of preview at MWC 2018, Google announced the rollout of several gaming, shopping, home, and creativity apps based on the tech giant's ARCore 1.0 augmented reality SDK (Software Development Kit).

AR is one of the few areas where Google hasn't been a recent leader, with Apple's ARKit giving it a slight leg up. Google is also adding Sceneform, which will allow Java Developers to build 3D apps without learning APIs like OpenGL.

Crucially, Cloud Anchors are cross-compatible with iOS. Also, a new Augmented Images feature will allow images to function as symbolic markers, allowing developers to attach or overlay content onto the image.

As was demonstrated during the presentation with the two presenters engaging in a shared competitive AR videogame where the aim was to make your opponents board into your colour by shooting it was a virtual catapult.

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Back in August a year ago, Google introduced ARCore, a platform to create augmented reality programs for cellular devices using the Android functioning platform.

The other key highlight of ARCore 1.2 is "Cloud Anchors". Previously, you could only really stick AR objects on solid flat surfaces, but this new "Vertical Plane Detection" means you could now do so on textured walls.

Developers on Apple's forums have managed to get shared AR anchors working, but as of right now that's not something Apple is officially supporting.

It works using what Google calls Cloud Anchors, which are "shared points of data shared in the cloud that multiple devices can access" using either ARKit or ARCore or both. Both Sceneform and Augmented Images will apparently be for Android devices only. At its annual I/O developer conference, the company introduced ARCore 1.2 which brings a handful of new, advanced tools for developers to enable AR features like multiplayer games, better positioning, and a way for applications to bring real-world objects to life.

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