Published: Sun, May 13, 2018
Science | By Michele Flores

Imam dead in mosque attack

Imam dead in mosque attack

Armed attackers struck a mosque outside the South African city of Durban on Thursday, stabbing to death an imam and injuring two others in a country known for its peaceful religious relations.

"He was going to kill me".

He reiterated that the attackers were not robbers.

Mhlongo says two victims are nonetheless hospitalized.

A third man, Abbas Essop died while on his way to hospital on Thursday.

Last year, a mosque in Cape Town was covered in pig's blood in what officials claimed was an Islamophobic attack.

He was attacked when he ran inside to investigate after hearing screams.

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He said he and others felt as though they were targets and declined to divulge their identities to News24. He is a hero and somebody who needs to be celebrated. "Everyone used to come and listen to him", said the relative.

"He is the person who faced the whole situation".

- Jasmine Opperman, Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC) Director JasmineIf indeed this was an inspired attack, one would have expected them to move into that mosque and kill as many people as possible.

Report has it that all activities in the mosque was suspended as their was no Friday prayer at the Kwazulu-Natal Mosque, though a worshiper stated that prayers were taking place at a nearby house. "There is some sort of hatred pertaining to religion. hence we're saying there were elements of extremism", said Mhlongo. One witness told reporters that the mosque looked "like a slaughterhouse".

Haider said the mosque's Qur'ans had been burnt when its library was petrol bombed. "While we should exercise vigilance, we should not allow this brutal act to prevent us from resuming our normal daily lives", said Mapisa Nqakula.

He condemned the incident and said there is no need for sectarianism or use of violence.

Police spokeswoman Capt Nqobile Gwala said a docket had been registered at the Verulam police station but Hawks investigators would take over the investigation on Friday.

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