Published: Mon, May 14, 2018
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

The Lenovo Z5 smartphone is missing something important

The Lenovo Z5 smartphone is missing something important

Lenovo Vice President Chang Cheng is teasing a brand new cellphone on China's Weibo social media that is nothing but display framed by an ultra-thin bezel. We've seen this approached in a couple of different ways, such as with the iPhone X where the speaker and front-facing camera are placed in the notch that interrupts the display.

Lenovo's VP Chang Cheng had recently shared a sketch of upcoming all-screen smartphone Lenovo Z5 on Weibo. Lenovo seems to have eliminated all of that entirely.

Alongside a claim which the telephone would comprise an impressive screen-to-body-ratio of 95 percent. Cheng added that the Z5 would have significant technological breakthroughs supported by at least 18 patents. A new wave of phones are coming with such aspect ratio, but majority still have bezels or come with a notch on the top.

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With a screen-to-body ratio rumored for the Z5, it will be interesting to see how a front-facing camera gets implemented.

The Lenovo Z5 will arrive sometime in June and since it does not appear to have a facial recognition sensor other than the one that will be incorporated via software, it will probably have a fingerprint scanner for user authentication. However the reality is that for the most part, many of them do not sport full screen displays as there is still some bezels left, but could Lenovo beat everyone to the punch?

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