Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Medical | By Vicki Mclaughlin

An 'Amazing' Find: Conjoined Deer Fawns

An 'Amazing' Find: Conjoined Deer Fawns

According to a recently published study by researchers connected to the Minnesota DNR, the fawn is the first recorded case of a conjoined two-headed deer brought to full-term and born.

A white-tailed female deer gave birth to baby twins in May 2016 that happens nearly like every day in the USA after giving birth, the mother started to clean her babies but to her surprise, they didn't respond.

The hunter immediately alerted the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and the fawns were consequently frozen until a necropsy could be conducted. "There are a few reported cases of two-headed ungulate fetuses, but nothing delivered to term". The fawns had completely separate heads and necks, two hearts in one pericardial sac, two spleens, two gastrointestinal tracts, one set of lungs, and one malformed liver, notes Fox News. "So, the uniqueness made it special". The specimen has been stillborn, apparently, and was described as "amazing" and "extremely rare" by the scientists.

Conjoined twin fawns have also been found before but they were still in utero and were stillborn.

"Their anatomy indicates the fawns would never have been viable", D'Angelo said.

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Researchers were only able to find 19 confirmed instances of conjoined twins in wildlife between 1671 and 2006, five of them were within the deer family. We can not even gauge the rarity of the. However, they had been discovered dressed and at a natural place, suggesting the doe attempted to take care of them following delivery. Of these cases, only two were of white-tailed deer, and neither made it through the full pregnancy.

Judging by the position of the body, the mother deer was trying to raise the dead deer at his feet and feed: the maternal instinct is very strong, the researchers note.

"Animals that are stillborn, they don't last long on the landscape because of scavengers", added Cornicelli. "In our case, we were lucky that he found the fawn before it was eaten and turned it into DNR".

The conjoined fawns have since been mounted on a bed of greenery by Wild Images in Motion Taxidermy at Minnesota DNR headquarters in St and will now be placed on public display, according to Fox9.

After the study wrapped up, the twins were preserved by Robert Utne and taxidermist Jessica Brooks to create a realistic display.

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