Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
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Germany Reacts to Ozil, Gundogan For Picture Taken With Erdogan

Germany Reacts to Ozil, Gundogan For Picture Taken With Erdogan

DFB president Reinhard Grindel said: "The DFB of course respects the special situation for our players with migrant backgrounds, but football and the DFB stands for values that Mr. Erdogan does not sufficiently respect".

Erdogan has travelled to the United Kingdom to meet with Prime Minister Theresa May before having a reception with the Queen. Erdogan, who has dominated Turkey´s political scene for the past 15 years, is seeking to reinforce his authority as Turkey moves to a new presidential system of government with expanded powers.

The concern is that he will stand in the way of the rate hikes needed to stabilize the currency against the prospect of higher USA borrowing costs. That change is due to go into effect after June polls.

One noted Erdogan's long list of enemies including US -based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom he accuses of orchestrating a failed coup in 2016. "His view is that high rates lead to high inflation, I'm not sure I agree with that view".

"Posing in a London luxury hotel with the despotic Erdogan and courting him as "my president" while he is oppressing democrats and imprisoning critical journalists in Turkey, is a gross foul", Sevim Dagdelen of the opposition Left Party said.

UAE launches $45 billion investment to boost refineries
On Sunday, the UAE's oil minister also said that any oil shortages due to Iran sanctions could be filled by the country. India-UAE ties moved into a new trajectory with the August 2015 visit to Abu Dhabi by Prime Minister Narendra Modi .

Boston Dynamics to start selling its dog-like robot next year
On the company's website, the robot is described as "a small four-legged robot that comfortably fits in an office or home". In any case, we're looking forward to seeing the SpotMini in the flesh (or its robotic equivalent).

NASA plans autonomous helicopters to land on Mars in 2020
The rover then will be driven away from the helicopter to a safe distance from which it will relay commands. If the program works as NASA expects, the agency would have a whole new way to explore the Martian surface.

The lira is now down 14.2% against the dollar so far this year, making it only behind Argentina's peso as the worse performing currency in the emerging market space.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television broadcast on Tuesday, Erdogan said the central bank was independent but it can not ignore signals from the head of the executive once the switch to a presidential system is complete.

He also said Halkbank (HALKB.IS) executive Mehmet Hakan Atilla, who was found guilty by a US court of helping Iran evade USA sanctions, was innocent and Turkey wanted his acquittal.

"Why the hell would you come to London, and basically send this message to institutional investors which is exactly what they did not want to hear?" he added.

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