Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Science | By Michele Flores

WhatApp rolls out improvements for Groups feature

WhatApp rolls out improvements for Groups feature

Group description: Now, WhatsApp will give description more prominence so that any new member to the WhatsApp Group understands the goal of the group.

Participant search is also a new feature that WhatsApp has added which will help you searching a participant in any group.

Another important feature being added is it lets you avoid that inconvenience when someone adds you to Groups when you actually left intentionally. You can mute WhatsApp groups for either 8 hours, a week or for a year and even block the notifications. WhatsApp suggests groups use the description space to clarify the objective, guidelines, or topics for that particular group.

The third interesting feature we found with this update is group catch up.

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The latest update rolling out to WhatsApp users heralds the arrival of a batch of new group messaging features. The first new feature introduced today by WhatsApp is the group description with which there will be a small info about any group. Here, any group member can add a group description but the admin can restrict actions. That description will show up at the top of the chat when a new person joins the group. Group description is available for both iOS and Android users. The feature didn't take off with the same functionality as Facebook did but it comes with better user facility now. You can now check on messages where you've been mentioned and reply directly. To find these messages, WhatsApp group users will only have to tap the @ button that now appears at the bottom-right corner of the chat.

Admin controls: WhatsApp has been rumoured to be working on admin controls for improving Groups experience for a long time.

Participant search: This new feature will let you find anyone in a group by searching for participants on the group info page.

WhatsApp has also started giving more control to group admins. Administrators can revoke admin permissions and also prevent the group's creator from being removed from the group. Some of these functions include changing the group subject, icon and description. At the same time group creators can not be removed from the group they have started.

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