Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Money | By Ralph Mccoy

Amazon's checkout-free Amazon Go stores coming to San Francisco and Chicago

Amazon's checkout-free Amazon Go stores coming to San Francisco and Chicago

Amazon is opening additional Amazon Go locations in Chicago and San Francisco as the company expands its cashier-less grocery store concept across the nation. Then they need to open the app on their phone and scan it at one of the four turnstiles to enter the 1,800 square foot store.

The ecommerce retailer opened its first Amazon Go location in Seattle in January. In response, Amazon's vice president said this move "forces us to question our growth here".

Amazon Go's grab-and-go experience allows consumers to quickly pick up all the required items on their grocery list and leave the store without the hassle of checkout lines or counters. After that, Amazon's system uses cameras and other sensors to track shoppers and identify what they take off shelves.

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Oh, and as an added benefit, Amazon Go will also sell some of their newly acquired Whole Foods products in stores as well, which, in addition to Chicago, will also open in San Fransisco. Now, it has posted listings for store managers in San Francisco and Chicago, according to The Seattle Times.

Amazon Go is the online retail pioneer's attempt to reinvent the physical store with the same mindset that brought one-click shopping to the internet. It has opened more than a dozen bookstores, taken over space in some Kohl's department stores and bought Whole Foods previous year, giving it 470 grocery stores. In case you missed it, the delivery behemoth unveiled a store in which shoppers don't need to worry about checking out. If the item is placed back on the shelf, it is removed from the virtual cart. Consumers will also find well-known brands, plus Amazon specials, which the company says it's excited to introduce to customers. There is no word yet on when the Amazon Go store would open in Chicago.

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