Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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00:01US Senate Votes for Maintaining Net Neutrality Rules

00:01US Senate Votes for Maintaining Net Neutrality Rules

If successful, the legislative gambit could restore the agency's regulations and hand a victory to tech companies, activists and consumer advocacy groups. "Now we're a step closer to putting real net neutrality rules back on the books", Wyden said. And the high-profile vote could shine a spotlight on lawmakers running for reelection during a tough midterm season.

At a press conference following the Senate vote, Doyle announced that he would also open a discharge petition in an effort to force a vote on the issue.

The vote is obviously good news for net neutrality proponents, but it's also just the first step, and the next will be much more hard. Alaska's Lisa Murowski, Louisiana's John Kennedy, and Maine's Susan Collins supported to bring the vote to 52-47. "Today we show the American people who sides with them, and who sides with the powerful special interests and corporate donors who are thriving under this administration".

"Moreover, contrary to the scare tactics employed by Senate Democrats, which earned three Pinocchios from the WASHINGTON POSTs fact-checker, our light-touch approach will deliver better, faster, and cheaper Internet access and more broadband competition to the American people - something that millions of consumers desperately want and something that should be a top priority. If you don't trust your cable company, you will".

In this case, while the resolution has passed, the measure still needs House approval and President Trump's signature.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said the internet should be regulated as a public utility. "Speaker Ryan should listen".

To stop the net neutrality repeal, which is set to take effect on June 11, proponents would also have to win a vote for the companion resolution in the anti-regulation Republican-dominated House of Representatives. The House won't pass it and Trump would veto it, Thune said.

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In December, the FCC voted to end net neutrality rules, which barred internet service providers from speeding up or slowing down traffic from specific websites.

Earlier Congressional attempts to overturn the FCC ruling had come to nothing.

"When the FCC repealed net neutrality they unleashed the fury of the Internet, and it led to a backlash unlike anything ever seen before". OR enacted a law prohibiting government agencies from contracting with internet providers that don't uphold net neutrality principles.

The agency's two Democrats at the time, Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel, voted to keep the rules on the books.

Ahead of the vote, a large number of major websites joined in a "Red Alert" protest where they directed internet users to pages where they could ask their local lawmakers to support the CRA.

The internet should be kept free and open like our highways, accessible and affordable to every American, regardless of ability to pay. Today's vote is a sign that the fight for internet freedom is far from over.

Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made an even stronger statement on Twitter: "There's never been a more important vote in the Senate for the future of the internet". He said the Senate is working on bipartisan legislation that embodies those principles.

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