Published: Fri, May 25, 2018
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A guide to the Irish abortion referendum

A guide to the Irish abortion referendum

Abortion up to 12 weeks would not bring Ireland "into line" with Britain, where we allow abortion to be performed up to 24 weeks and up to birth in cases of disability; however, as with all "strict safeguards" surrounding such laws supposed to deal with "hard cases", familiarity breeds contempt, and in time the Irish time limit would be relaxed.

But Catholic countries still can show independence from the religion.

The referendum itself is on the question of whether to repeal the eighth amendment to the Irish Constitution, which criminalises abortion in almost all circumstances by making the right to life of the unborn essentially equal to the mother's right to life.

Anti-abortion rights groups say they are protecting the foetus through their opposition.

Leo Varadkar, Ireland's Indian-origin prime minister, who backs the reform, announced the referendum in June 2017.

Theresa Sweeney, a repeal supporter, was one of the first people to arrive at the North Grand Church polling station in Dublin. "She had to get a flight to Liverpool with her parents". "I feel like I've waited all of my adult life to have a say on this".

Ballots will be cast at more than 6,500 stations across the country.

"It wasn't my right to terminate, to decide when to terminate her life", McBreen said.

Colm, who works in the pharmaceutical industry, which is a major employer in nearby Athlone, said he voted no because he doesn't trust politicians to protect the life of the unborn.

Some 153,100 Kildare people will be entitled to vote in this Friday's upcoming referendum on the proposed repeal of the Eighth Amendment.

That means even if a woman or girl is a victim of rape or incest or child abuse, or carrying a child with a fatal foetal abnormality, they can not seek a termination.

Some experts say a high turnout, especially in urban areas, is likely to favor a "yes" vote for the referendum.

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"Not taking anything for granted of course, but quietly confident", he said, adding.

At least 170,000 Irish women are believed to have had abortions outside the country since 1980.

"I'm voting No because abortion ends the life of a baby but it also causes harm to women", she said.

"I hope that a Yes vote will help to lift that stigma and help to take away that legacy of shame that exists in our society", Mr Varadkar said. "Please please vote Yes this Friday".

Of the six referendums on abortion since 1983, the May 25 abortion referendum is the most important.

"Yes" campaigners urged visitors to the popular Temple Bar neighborhood to post their thoughts about the referendum on post-it notes.

Just look at this show of support.

The islands vote a day early in order to allow ballot boxes to make it back to the mainland for tomorrow's count.

"The No camp believes they are defending the right of the unborn child, the Yes camp believe they are defending the right of a woman to make often a very hard decision". "I will be voting no".

Soros reportedly intends to use Ireland as a prototype to overturn anti-abortion laws in Catholic countries around the world.

Irish law now recognises equal rights to life for a mother and for an unborn child, making abortion illegal except in cases where the woman's life is at risk. A case study gestured to emphatically by conservative voices across the world to support arguments in favour of regressive abortion laws.

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