Published: Fri, May 25, 2018
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Andy Rubin Responds To Report Of Essential Phone 2's Cancellation

Andy Rubin Responds To Report Of Essential Phone 2's Cancellation

It is disappointing to see Essential cancel their 2018 flagship - it is something we were all looking forward to after the innovative Ph-1 previous year. The company now is considering selling itself and has "cancelled development of a new smartphone", people familiar with the matter said.

The Essential Phone was announced on May 30, 2017 and was finally released around late August after a series of delays. The company, founded by Android's creator Andy Rubin, has supposedly hired an outside firm to advise it on a potential sale, with one suitor allegedly showing interest.

Not long after Bloomberg's report hit the Internet, Essential founder (and former Android boss) Andy Rubin responded to it on Twitter. We suppose only time will tell as to what will become of the company, but in the meantime if the reports are true, would you miss them? All company patents and past and future hardware projects should be offered for sale. Plans for a second follow-up smartphone have apparently been shelved, with most of the engineering effort shifted toward that aforementioned smart home product. Having products that further along in the development process would also potentially allow a sale of Essential to be more valuable.

The promise of the phone was the modularity-it featured a magnetic connector at the back where add-ons could be attached, but the company only developed one, a $50 360-degree camera.

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Essential debuted its first smartphone in August a year ago after several delays.

In addition to its price, the smartphone was plagued with software problems which took some time to address and that is not going to make customers an avid fan of the product. Since its launch, Essential has lowered the price by $200 and is said to be planning to expand it to other markets as well.

In the email obtained by The Information, Rubin went on to say that Essential will not shut down and that the company is "working with bankers to raise money". The company debuted its first smartphone named Essential PH-1 amid a lot of fanfare but IDC estimates it to have sold fewer than 90,000 units in its first six months.

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