Published: Mon, June 04, 2018
Medical | By Vicki Mclaughlin

[Exclusive] Giulia On The Importance Of Mental Health Awareness

[Exclusive] Giulia On The Importance Of Mental Health Awareness

When we asked Bryant if he felt that more people were talking about their struggles with mental illness today than in the past, he responded by saying.

The government believes that the law will make sure of the healthcare, treatment, and rehabilitation of people with mental illness in a manner that does not intrude on their rights and dignity.

Mental health advocates are working together to overcome both the illnesses and the stigmas with hopes of creating acceptance in the communities they live in.

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This law also restricts treating mentally ill children with electric shock treatments and says that even for adults; such treatments should be given under anesthesia along with the muscle relaxants. A photograph or any other information pertaining to the person can not be released to the media without his consent.

Larry Bryant lives with depression and anxiety, and told A Plus that "being a black man living in New York City, it's also not common, at least from my point of view, to see other men of color that talk about their own mental health space". All mental health institutes and mental health practitioners including clinical psychologists, mental health nurses and psychiatric social workers will have to be registered with this agency. "The old regulation had several flaws and gaps and lacked provisions to protect the identity or privacy of the individual suffering from mental illness". It allows involuntary admissions for only a specific period, and that also with strict conditions. Experts say that the law can run into some teething problems but would be helpful in the long run. He further said that this was a "right-based bill" that gives the right to patients so that they are not denied treatment or suffer from discrimination. We ought to assist people grappling with mental health issue in every possible way.

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