Published: Thu, June 07, 2018
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

Campaigners Lose Appeal Over Northern Ireland Abortion Law Challenge

Campaigners Lose Appeal Over Northern Ireland Abortion Law Challenge

The vocal anti-abortion campaigner made the remarks amid growing calls for reform of the law in Northern Ireland, where terminations are banned in all but extreme circumstances.

The calls come after candidates for Labour's ruling National Executive Committee called on him to use the party's "full parliamentary muscle" to force changes to Northern Ireland's abortion laws.

But, by a majority ruling, the judges expressed the "clear opinion" that the current legislation is "incompatible" with European human rights laws in the cases of fatal foetal abnormality, rape and incest.

As a result, the justices said the Supreme Court "has no jurisdiction" in the proceedings to strike down the law.

NIHRC told the court in October that the current law criminalizes women and girls, subjecting them to "inhuman and degrading" treatment.

Female MPs spoke out powerfully last night against weakening protections for unborn children, as the Government continues to face pressure to back abortion in Northern Ireland.

During the three-day appeal hearing, a QC representing the commission argued that human rights were being breached, with those affected being forced to go through "physical and mental torture".

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Currently, women can only access an abortion in Northern Ireland if their life is at risk or there is a permanent or serious risk to physical or mental health.

She added, "That is why the government, like its predecessors, believes that the best forum to debate and resolve these and many other matters is a locally elected Northern Ireland assembly, so the government's priority remains to urgently re-establish strong, inclusive, devolved government at the earliest opportunity".

The legislature, he said, "has struck the proportionate balance required for the protection of the rights of women and unborn children".

"Let me reassure those MPs who want to uphold the role of devolved assemblies", said Creasy, "that repealing OAPA would not write a particular abortion law for anyone, but it would require them to act".

Sarah Ewart, a Northern Ireland woman who was forced to travel to the United Kingdom for an abortion after being told her baby would not survive said getting involved in the case had been worth all the effort.

However, Northern Ireland's attorney general and department of justice challenged the decision and won on appeal.

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