Published: Thu, June 07, 2018
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Salad Cream set for name change

Salad Cream set for name change

Hence this story, and the original published by paywalled food retail specialist The Grocer, in which Heinz says it's examining the possibility of starting to call British national treasure #27 salad cream "sandwich cream" instead, because most people put it in sandwiches instead of putting it on salads now.

Parent company Kraft Heinz said it was reviewing the brand's name after research found that just 14% of consumers use it for its stated objective.

Salad Cream fans have been rocked to their very core this week by the news that the iconic brand could be changing its name to Sandwich Cream.

However, shoppers are less than happy about the change of name taking to Twitter to share their outrage over the "borderline evil" decision.

Only 14 per cent of buyer's dress salads with the sauce, according to Heinz, as it's now much more popular to use it as an accompaniment to tuna, ham or cheese in sandwiches as an alternative to mayonnaise.

"Salad cream is the only reason to eat a salad".

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Some were inclined to blame the younger generation with one tweeting: "To add to the long list of things Millennials have killed: HEINZ SALAD CREAM". Its ingredients include vinegar, rapeseed oil, sugar, cornflour, mustard and egg yolks, giving it a little more kick than a traditional mayonnaise.

United Kingdom sales of the brand dipped 5.4% to £28.8m in 2017.

A spokesperson told trade journal The Grocer: "As a market leading business, Kraft Heinz continues to audit its portfolio in order to meet the needs of consumers".

But now the company's new American owner Kraft Heinz want to give the product an overhaul as it turns out Brits aren't using it for what it was originally intended; salad.

"After a century of being a must-have ingredient in lunchboxes and picnic hampers up and down the country, Heinz Salad Cream is still the "Original Tangy Taste" that makes it one of Britain's best-loved sauces", Heinz describes the dressing on their website; it's been around for 104 years, The Telegraph reports.

There is now a consultation under way on the new name and an official announcement is expected in September.

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