Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
Money | By Ralph Mccoy

Consumers’ Internet Use Could Change As ‘Net Neutrality’ Ends

Consumers’ Internet Use Could Change As ‘Net Neutrality’ Ends

Last month, FCC chairman Ajit Pai said the retraction of net neutrality rules was needed to remove needless and onerous regulations. Telecom companies have long supported a rollback of regulations. But what is net neutrality, and what does its repeal mean for you?

Since Pai's passage of the Restoring Internet Freedom order, supporters of net neutrality have taken several approaches to prevent the new rules from going into effect. They couldn't slow down or block websites and apps of their choosing. As a result, the internet could become more like the TV networks, where you pay for different packages of internet services. At least until those companies threw oodles of cash at the Ajit Pai FCC in exchange for eliminating them.

Why is net neutrality such a big deal? "So issues that are coming up right now, people are seeing from a very personal perspective". Consumer advocates are concerned that internet providers plan to extend prioritization to the internet. In other words, no speeding up, slowing down or blocking specific websites or online services. But now there are fewer rules governing how internet service providers can operate. It will then be evaluated based on whether or not the activity is anti-competitive.

The Federal Trade Commission will be able to investigate if internet providers engage in anticompetitive behavior.

"The FTC is empowered to take action against any company that engages in any anticompetitive conduct", Pai also told CBS This Morning.

But consumer advocacy groups have been less than optimistic. In a dramatic video, she called on the House to save net neutrality in order to protect the "free and open" internet. Under the new guidelines, ISPs can block, throttle, or prioritize internet content as much as they like, as long as they clearly disclose to customers that that's what they're doing.

A fierce debate has surrounded the concept of net neutrality. "Monopoly phone and cable companies will undoubtedly seek to maximize profits by favoring their own content over their competitors and creating fast lanes and slow lanes ultimately at the expense of consumers".

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Washington and OR have gone farther, and passed laws that require all ISPs within their borders to offer net neutrality protections. Initially, this might be viewed as a positive by consumers looking to save money on their streaming media. Those programs allow consumers to access certain sites and services without the data to and from them applying to any monthly caps they may have.

But even those who oppose the repeal say very little is likely to change right away given pending litigation and possible legislation to settle the issue.

Is there a chance the repeal is, well, repealed?

But, in December, the FCC voted to repeal the rules.

But the Republican-led House, and President Trump, are both thought to be unlikely to back the Senate's measure.

"The gutting of net neutrality is a symbol of our broken democracy", said Evan Greer, deputy director of Fight For the Future, in a statement Monday.

Washington and OR now have their own net neutrality laws, and a bill is pending in California's legislature.

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