Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
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PM May faces another day of Brexit compromise in parliament

PM May faces another day of Brexit compromise in parliament

The result left prime minister Theresa May to fight another day as she tries to take Britain out of the bloc while retaining support from pro-EU and pro-Brexit wings of her Conservative Party. The strained parliament session underlined deep divisions over Britain's European Union exit.

It agreed to work towards a "customs arrangement" with the European Union in a compromise move, and gave a concession to rebels on a vote to give Parliament a "meaningful vote" on a Brexit deal. He said he would vote against the prime minister.

The government won the EEA vote comfortably after Labour abstained, although a handful of Tory MPs, including former attorney general Dominic Grieve, indicated they would back the motion.

The vote was one of the most important in two days of votes that began Tuesday on the government's EU Withdrawal Bill.

This is despite his constituency voting almost 80% to remain in the June 2017 referendum.

They included six Labour MPs who quit senior roles minutes before the vote - which saw the amendment defeated by 201 - in order to rebel against the party's abstentionist position.

In another victory for May, the Commons also rejected a proposal by the Lords that would have required government negotiators to keep Parliament informed about the measures to maintain the country's place in the customs union.

Mrs May will be hoping to avoid defeat in a fresh round of Brexit votes on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill just hours after seeing off the threatened rebellion.

Mr Rees-Mogg later used an op-ed in the Times to accuse meaningful vote-backers of wanting to stop Breit, saying the amendment would "introduce an unworkable constitutional proposition that on its own would make no deal more likely".

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Following a five-hour debate, MPs reinstated the precise day the United Kingdom will leave the European Union - 29 March 2019 - in the proposed legislation while backing an amendment on the Irish border, guaranteeing there will be no new border arrangements without the agreement of the United Kingdom and Irish authorities. But how much of the proposed amendment has actually been accepted by the government?

Or as some nervous Conservative Brexiteers are now calling it - "a Brexit in name only". Should lawmakers prevail, the direction of Brexit could change.

But the resignation by Phillip Lee, who has always been critical of the government's Brexit strategy, underlined the deep rifts in the party over Brexit that makes such votes anything but easy.

But pro-EU Tories are warning that they remain ready to rebel if their demands are not satisfied by the compromise amendment, expected to be tabled on Thursday ahead of the bill's return to the Lords on Monday.

The other is the maximum facilitation, or "max fac", scheme that would use technology and a "trusted trader" plan to reduce post-Brexit customs checks.

It has also intensified pressure on a prime minister who lost her party's parliamentary majority at an ill-judged election previous year and tested her already weakened authority.

"Theresa May doesn't need the support of the DUP anymore because she can always rely on Manchester's Jeff Smith to whip the Labour party in line with her".

May defused a rebellion in the parliament on Tuesday over her Brexit plans after she was forced to compromise and hand lawmakers greater control over Britain's exit from the EU.

"The question of what form parliamentary approval of the withdrawal bill takes is one of the most significant decisions this house will have to take", he said.

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