Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

Unlock the E-Pace doors, Hal

Unlock the E-Pace doors, Hal

It's now even more appealing and affordable with a raft of new features available.

According to Jaguar, the system learns about driver patterns based on time, location and weather-based behaviour patterns, which means the vehicle will eventually be able to pre-heat the seats if it thinks the driver is about to commute and it's chilly outside - at least, that's the example provided.

Baby Jaguar SUV borrows new AI-based smart features from the I-Pace.

No longer the buyers' engine of choice, diesel is now (to a point unfairly) demonised, so Jaguar is delivering a new, entry-level petrol option to the E-Pace range. The system recognises different drivers based on which key they used to unlock/start the auto and the Bluetooth signal from their phone, then adjusts various parameters to suit.

Not only that, but as the system gets more experience of a driver, it will be able to adjust settings based on time, location, weather and the driver's behaviour patterns. Up to eight profiles can be set up on the E-Pace using Smart Settings.

An intelligent phone function will automatically surface contacts around the time the driver usually calls them, too.

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It also comes with a 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot, Pro Services, and Navigation Pro - offering real-time traffic information, door-to-door routing from your smartphone, street view and parking availability.

Adaptive Dynamics provides greater scope to tune the balance between handling responses and body control.

Jaguar says rough surfaces and off-road conditions are also sensed immediately, with the damping responding accordingly. The Normal mode focuses on comfort while the Dynamic setting is calibrated to provide increased body control and road holding, enhancing driver confidence behind the wheel.

The 2.0-litre Ingenium petrol sends the new entry-level E-Pace to 60mph in 7.7sec. Fuel economy is claimed to be 34.4mpg, while Carbon dioxide is a claimed 186g/km - higher, currently, than the higher-powered variants of the E-Pace, but these will rise once the new WLTP testing system comes into force.

All engines are now equipped with particulate filters integrated to the after-treatment system to trap ultra-fine particulates as the exhaust gases pass through.

Although adaptive suspension isn't new to Jaguar, it wasn't available with the E-Pace when it was launched previous year. In a gasoline engine, under normal driving conditions, the trapped soot will be oxidised into Carbon dioxide and the filter regenerated whenever the driver lifts off the accelerator.

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