Published: Thu, June 21, 2018
Medical | By Vicki Mclaughlin

Canada legalises cannabis use as pressure grows on United Kingdom to review law

Canada legalises cannabis use as pressure grows on United Kingdom to review law

And shortly thereafter, Billy-who had been seizure free for an unprecedented 300 days on his cannabis oil-suffered two serious seizures before being rushed to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

A spokesman for Ms Caldwell said profits from sales of the cannabis products - which include oils, capsules, powder, gummies, shots and honey sticks - were used to fund Billy's 24-7 healthcare needs, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Writing in today's Scotsman, Mr MacAskill welcomed the United Kingdom government's decision to allow medicinal cannabis treatment for Billy Caldwell, an epileptic boy whose supply was recently confiscated at Heathrow Airport but was later returned. "After all as the former Foreign Secretary has said the war on drugs is lost and the benefits of medical use are long proven and allowed elsewhere".

At present, Sativex, an oral spray used as a treatment for multiple sclerosis, is the only cannabis-based medicine recognized in the United Kingdom to have medicinal properties.

Charlotte Caldwell welcomed the announcement, but said she wanted to hear more details.

The United Kingdom's Home Office has made a decision to let 12-year-old Billy Caldwell take cannabis oil for his seizures.

Billy's mother Charlotte described it as "amazing news" which she applauded.

"At every stage of this campaign we have mentioned making history and we have mentioned it because it is commonsense".

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"They need a voice so more politicians can understand what it's like to nurse children 24/7 with life-threatening conditions", she said.

"The power of the mothers and fathers of sick children has bust the political process wide open and it is on the verge of changing thousands of lives by bringing cannabis laws in line with many other countries".

A post on the Billy's Bud Facebook page in December marked "Attention!" read: "The CBD oil that we carry is 100% legal!"

He said it was time to consider legalising the substance for recreational as well as medicinal use.

The attention drawn to the case of young epilepsy sufferer Billy Caldwell has forced the UK Government's hand - it has announced a review on medical cannabis. "You would do anything to take away their pain".

"There will be many other people in the United Kingdom with severe epilepsy who are likely to benefit from medical cannabis and provision must be made to stop them suffering brain damage and death from cannabis-treatable seizures", he said.

"That is why I have the utmost sympathy for Billy Caldwell, Alfie Dingley and many others like them and for their parents, who have been under unimaginable stress and strain".

"American doctor Frank D'Ambrosio, author of the book "'Cannabis Is Medicine: "The A-Z Of Medical Marijuana", will on Wednesday brief British lawmakers who are seeking to change the law on the medicinal use of cannabis.

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