Published: Wed, June 27, 2018
Money | By Ralph Mccoy

Tesla Working on 'Mad Max' Autopilot Mode

Tesla Working on 'Mad Max' Autopilot Mode

CEO Elon Musk posted a picture on Twitter of a new option in the Blind Spot Threshold settings, providing a choice between Standard, Aggressive, or Mad Max.

Tesla uses this mode to test different features and modes of Autopilot, but it's not available for Tesla owners.

In a Twitter conversation today, Elon Musk showed a glimpse of "Mad Max" mode in a development build of Autopilot and is now being tested by Tesla.

However, as for whether the options would make their way into a shipping version of the software, with a balance between safety and control necessary, Musk noted: "It's a tough call". Instead, Musk is contemplating having a manual override for "hardcore lane changes".

Musk says that, regardless of the option a user selects, the "reality is that it will always be pretty easy to bully a self-driving auto", because the vehicles will always yield - likely in the interest of safety.

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Tesla now offers two tiers of Autopilot to buyers.

In its current iteration, Autopilot can keep a vehicle in its lane and adjust its speed based on surrounding traffic, among other features. It appears to be an even more aggressive way for the Autopilot system to navigate on roadways, although we doubt that it will lead to the dystopian future displayed in the movie it references.

While Tesla is now taking pre-orders for the "full self-driving" tier, it's unclear when the feature will make its way to users' hands.

The more advanced tier may soon receive exclusive features that make the $3,000 asking price worth its while. It will "begin to enable full self-driving features" according to a tweet earlier this month by Musk. It's expected that fully autonomous driving capabilities will be unlocked on supported Tesla vehicles by late 2019.

Mad Max-powered autonomous truck rides may be just around the corner.

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