Published: Sat, July 07, 2018
Science | By Michele Flores

NASA Releases Beautiful Image of 'Celestial Fireworks' for Independence Day

NASA Releases Beautiful Image of 'Celestial Fireworks' for Independence Day

NASA chose to remind us all of that fact by showcasing a truly breathtaking image of a distant nebula that happens to resemble a classic fireworks display. The extravaganza will satisfied the representatives of the space Agency.

NASA found an out-of-this-world way to celebrate America's birthday: with a very patriotic-looking collection of stars. The attention of the amazed public will be presented to the birth and evolution of stars in the nebula NGC 3603.

The cluster is surrounded by clouds of interstellar gas and dust - the raw material for new star formation. In light of this, analyzing clusters such as these can be particularly beneficial to researchers.

Despite the fact that the pictures make us think that the region seems to be completely quiet and calm, it's completely the opposite. That's why the gas and the dust of the nebula is totally blown away.

"Appearing colorful and serene, this environment is anything but", states the USA space agency. In the cluster, most of the stars were born around the same time, however, they differ in size, mass temperature and colour.

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The mass is what defines how long the life of the star is going to be. A detailed analysis of stellar life cycles will reveal more about their age.

According to the NASA, NGC 3603 also contains some of the "most massive stars known". The proximity of NGC 3603 makes it an excellent lab for astronomers to study such distant and momentous events.

This is because the NGC 3603 nebula is chock-full of massive stars that "live fast and die young", ending in violent supernova explosions as soon as they go though all their hydrogen reserves.

Massive clusters are also used to study distant starbursts which occur when galaxies collide resulting in a flurry of star formation.

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