Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
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David Davis, British Brexit Secretary, resigns: United Kingdom media reports

David Davis, British Brexit Secretary, resigns: United Kingdom media reports

Dominic Raab is to be the new Brexit secretary after the shock resignation of David Davis plunged the government into crisis.

Conservative MP Peter Bone hailed Mr Davis's resignation as a "principled and fearless decision", adding: "The PM's proposals for a Brexit in name only are not acceptable".

Mrs May is due to address MPs on Monday afternoon and is expected to tell MPs that the strategy agreed by the cabinet at Chequers on Friday is the "right Brexit" for Britain.

With the Chequers agreement summarised in a three-page note, the full detail of the government's proposals won't be known until Thursday, when a detailed White Paper on the United Kingdom future relationship with the European Union will be published.

"If she sticks with this deal I would have no confidence in it, and if the Prime Minister sticks with this deal I would have no confidence in her", the Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said on Sunday, touting Mr Rees-Mogg as the only successor who could deliver Brexit. It also urges preparations for the eventuality of a "no-deal" exit.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. The Sunday Times said seven of the 27 ministers present spoke out against the plan. He'll command the confidence of the Brexit wing of the party.

But Sky's political editor Faisal Islam said Mr Raab has a background in the Brexit process as a former Ministry of Justice minister.

"I'm very, very disappointed with the offer that we've seen coming out of Chequers - I'm disappointed that so-called Brexiteers in the Cabinet didn't pick up the cudgels and fight for a better offer", Mr Bridgen added. He led some of the Withdrawal Bill proceedings in the House of Commons. When deals needed to be done with Dominic Grieve they talked of the "Dominics talking", so he has a rooting in this debate. Well done David Davis for having the principal and guts to resign.

Top Brexit Officials Resign in Blow to Theresa May
It comes at a critical and highly sensitive time for May's strategy, as she seeks to make progress in negotiations in Brussels. Britons voted 52 to 48 percent to leave the a June 2016 referendum, and the plan is to exit on March 29, 2019.

Top UK Brexit minister resigns from government
May replied to his letter to say she did not agree "with your characterisation of the policy we agreed at cabinet on Friday". This is her first cabinet resignation over Brexit and with just eight months to go until exit day and the stakes are high.

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Eboue, a former Ivory Coast global , has been arrested by police investigating an alleged arson in Enfield, north London.

There was confusion on Monday morning about exactly how many of Mrs May's government ministers had resigned, with No 10 being forced to put out statement confirming that another Brexit minister Suella Braverman was still in her post.

In interviews yesterday, Mrs May called on Brussels to "get serious about this, to come round the table and discuss it with us", and insisted: "I won't let people down".

When asked whether Mrs May would survive, he said: "Of course".

The BBC quoted Johnson as telling his colleagues that the plan was a "big turd" that would need to be "polished" in order to be sold to the public, although he fell into line by the end of the day. "There has not been a tweet of support, unlike Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom and unlike Chris Grayling and Liam Fox".

He said customs arrangements at the heart of the proposal were "unworkable" and a "bureaucratic nightmare that was not going to work".

After many months of rumours that he would pull the plug, David Davis has actually quit as Brexit Secretary.

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith said the Chequers plan appeared to amount to "continued membership" of the customs union and single market, despite the Prime Minister's promise to leave both.

The Prime Minister told the BBC: "We're leaving the European Union". The question is what is our relationship. "We will then come out on World Trade Organisation rules, which I'll be happy with".

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