Published: Tue, July 10, 2018
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

IHOB just changed its name back to IHOP. Here's why

IHOB just changed its name back to IHOP. Here's why

IHOb should really stand for "International House of betrayal", because less than a month since the big reveal, the former burger house is reverting back to its pancake roots.

The company announced it was changing its name to IHOb, flipping the "P" around on the last letter of its acronym in a mystery move the restaurant initially wouldn't explain. "That's right, IHOP! We'd never turn our back on pancakes (except for that time we faked it to promote our new burgers)", the chain posted on Facebook.

The pancake chain began revamping its burgers more than a year ago, IHOP President Darren Rebelez told Business Insider, as it has tried to boost sales outside breakfast.

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The announcement was buried in the mention of a promotion in which it will offer 60-cent short stacks on July 17 to celebrate its 60th birthday.

The name change lit up social media.

The national diner tweeted on Monday that they will reverse the name change decision and announced a celebratory date for the restaurant. But if you already checked out the burger, and are a fan of that particular dish, the good news is it seems that menu item is at least sticking around.

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