Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

Phone Signal Scanners to Remind Drivers Not to Call-and-Drive

Phone Signal Scanners to Remind Drivers Not to Call-and-Drive

Those caught using their mobile phones at the wheel by the police face a £200 fine and six points on their licence, following the introduction of tougher laws past year.

It doesn't monitor data connections though, so won't actually set the warning signs off if you're simply checking notifications or your phone's using a rare bit of 4G to update 53 apps you never use, and it won't shame drivers by capturing their number plates either - it only illuminates the no-mobiles roadside sign.

Iain Temperton, team manager for road safety at the county council, described it as "cutting-edge technology" which would be used as an "educational tool" throughout Norfolk to try and tackle the problem.

The signs can can detect when signals are being transmitted by a handset inside a vehicle.

The signs are in place in four locations in Norfolk before being moved on to new sites within the county in a month's time.

The technology can not yet log number plates or be used to help catch offending drivers, but it is hoped it will act as a deterrent.

The system is able to simultaneously detect bluetooth signals so that anyone legally in a call via their car's speakers is not wrongly issued a warning.

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This scheme is a good example of how we can work with local authorities to make using a mobile phone whilst driving as socially unacceptable as drink or drug-driving.

The UK's first road signs which will electronically detect and warn drivers who are using mobile phones have been introduced.

Insp Jonathan Chapman, of Norfolk Roads Policing unit, said: "Any scheme which prevents this kind of behaviour is welcomed".

New roadside technology is being introduced to deter motorists from using mobile phones at the wheel, it will be announced today. There is also no facility for the signs to record footage.

"Whilst this is still not a flawless science, the new generation of sign is significantly more accurate and reliable than the first".

Despite being unable to pick up whether the driver is using the phone, it is hoped it will act as a deterrent to people making calls behind the wheel.

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