Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

Ontario woman accidentally steals vehicle from Walmart parking lot

Ontario woman accidentally steals vehicle from Walmart parking lot

In Cornwall, Ont., the where-the-hell-did-I-park scenario took on a unusual and novel twist recently, after a black Nissan Infiniti, that was reported missing from a Walmart parking lot in late June, was found when a woman tried to return it to a local vehicle rental company.

After 2 weeks, she came back to Enterprise return the vehicle, and she made sure she complained to the manager about giving her a dirty, obviously used auto.

Police say the woman initially rented a black sedan from Enterprise in Cornwall in June.

An elderly Canadian woman inadvertently stole a vehicle and kept it for two weeks in late June after mistaking it for the one she had just rented. After contacting the police, it was confirmed that the Infiniti had indeed been listed as stolen.

"Shortly thereafter she exited, walked over to the area where she had parked her vehicle, saw a shiny black vehicle, hopped in it and drove away", he said.

And so began the sleuthing, as the auto rental manager and the embarrassed renter started retracing her steps, beginning in the Walmart parking lot. The owner of the stolen Infiniti, an elderly man, had accidently left his key fob in the vehicle.

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Upon returning the auto the woman explained her frustrations with the vehicle rental agency. Police say she caused confusion when she tried to drop of an Infiniti - not the Nissan she originally rented. MacRae says the owner of the Infiniti had left his key fob in the vehicle, and left the doors unlocked.

"She was upset because the ashtray was dirty, there were papers in the glove box, and there were golf clubs in the back".

When, dropping off the Infiniti at the Enterprise outlet, she complained to the rental manager about the messy interior and the clubs, he noted the key he'd given her didn't match the vehicle she'd returned.

She used the auto for two weeks, going about her daily activities normally; seemingly unaware that the vehicle she was in was not the one she had rented.

She immediately phoned police to explain the situation. Cue a phone call to police and, soon after, a happy reunion between a vehicle whose rightful owner believed it had been stolen, instead of borrowed by mistake.

And that's not even where the story ends. The man whose auto was stolen found the entire thing hilarious, and gave a healthy "chuckle" when his vehicle was returned to him.

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