Published: Sat, July 14, 2018
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

Georgia Cops Suspended For Flipping Coin To Decide On Driver's Arrest

Georgia Cops Suspended For Flipping Coin To Decide On Driver's Arrest

Brown says she didn't record the actual speed at which Webb had been driving. As a result, the cops are on administrative leave during an internal affairs investigation - and Webb's charges were dropped.

'I would like to see them fired, because they shouldn't have been playing with my freedom on a flip of a coin, ' she said.

Webb had already spent a few hours in jail and had her auto impounded by the arresting officer despite her boyfriend showing up to retrieve it.

Webb's mother Teresa, who did not return Yahoo Lifestyle's request for comment, also posted the 11 Alive story on Facebook, writing, "I am sharing my daughter, Sarah Ashley Webb's experience".

"I just want to see the two officers, I want to see justice", she said.

Two officers involved were forced to turn in their guns and their badges right after Roswell police learned The Investigators were on the case. So Brown opened a coin flip app on her phone.

On the video one officer, reported to be Wilson says, "A (arrest) head, R (release) tail", and then Brown says "Okay" while giggling.

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Officer Brown: "OK (sound of coin flip) laugh".

"Yeah, so release?" the other officer said.

"I'm appalled that a police officer would trivialize the arrest decision making process with a coin flip", said Chief Grant.

Officer Brown: "Michael Jordan?" "WEBB was placed in custody in Smith & Wesson handcuffs which were double locked and seated in the rear of my patrol vehicle".

"Wow, these people put my freedom in the hands of a coin flip", she said. She explained that her case was dismissed in court Monday after the prosecutor told her, "I have watched the video and I absolutely refuse to prosecute this case".

Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson of the Roswell, Georgia Police Department have been placed on leave, it was announced on Friday.

"I have a really big day at work", Webb said, crying, in the caught-on-camera moment.

Chief Grant said "after I became aware that this incident occurred, I immediately initiated an internal investigation".

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