Published: Sat, July 14, 2018
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

John McCain to Trump: Cancel Putin Meeting

John McCain to Trump: Cancel Putin Meeting

Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner, D-Va., admonished Trump not to meet with Putin, saying the Russian leader "will undoubtedly take full advantage of an ill-prepared President".

That claim was immediately refuted by French President Emmanuel Macron, who pointed out to journalists that the alliance communique released Wednesday recommitted North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members to hitting the two per cent target by 2024 - a commitment they made in 2014, two years before Trump was elected.

"The administration has a pretty good policy towards Russian Federation - just the president doesn't agree with it", said Michael McFaul, a former USA ambassador to Russian Federation under Obama. He said he was "extremely unhappy" with the situation, but that alliance members have upped their commitments to defense spending in response to his complaints.

United Kingdom and U.S. leaders have a history of coming to each other's aid at times of political weakness.

Moscow has repeatedly said it has never interfered in United States elections.

Officials at the NATO Summit in Warsaw, Poland July 8, 2016.

The US president praised himself as a "very stable genius" after allegedly convincing members to boost contributions beyond 2% of GDP.

Since 2015, the country has also had a populist right-wing government that supports many of Trump's positions, including his opposition to migration.

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In their statements, many Democrats said they did not trust Trump, who has often expressed a desire to improve U.S. -Russia relations, to confront Putin about Russia's role in the 2016 election.

"It would really be shocking if it turned out that he in any way would withdraw from the strategy of securing this part of the world. It is an occupier, an aggressor", Duda said.

They are expected to discuss the expulsion of USA diplomats from 2016 over issues including the allegations of election meddling.

It was a classic Trump performance - bluster, confrontation and demands followed by a unilateral declaration of victory - but his claim was quickly dismissed by the leaders of Italy and France, who disputed they had made any new pledges for increasing spending.

Mr Trump also warned the European Union he will make them pay for years of "taking advantage" of the United States - describing the situation as a "disgrace".

Under fire for his warm embrace of Russia's Vladimir Putin, Trump on Wednesday also turned a harsh spotlight on Germany's own ties to Russian Federation, alleging that a natural gas pipeline venture with Moscow has left Angela Merkel's government "totally controlled" and "captive" to Russian Federation.

The indictment says the Russian operative told the Trump campaign adviser it would be a "great pleasure" to help the campaign, and later asked that adviser's opinion about a stolen Democratic committee document that was posted online.

"Secondly, if the president and his team are not willing to make the facts of this indictment at top priority of the meeting in Helsinki, then the summit should be cancelled", the Democratic senator said.

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