Published: Tue, July 17, 2018
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Bruce Willis Ends The "Is ‘Die Hard’ A Christmas Movie" Debate

Bruce Willis Ends The

Demi Moore has made a surprise appearance at a comedy roast for her ex-husband Bruce Willis to make gags about their marriage. Pour one out for the people who put Die Hard at the top of their "Best Christmas Movies of All Time" lists.

I know it's July, and talking about Christmas right now feels utterly pointless and silly, but let me just say this: Bruce Willis is wrong. I think it's because some jealousy started to creep in.

As far as Christmas themes go, the film features several classic holiday songs and Willis using some Christmas props to play gags on some terrorists.

Willis and Moore first met at the premiere of Stakeout and got married in November 1987.

In one of the riskier jokes of the night, Moore referenced Harvey Weinstein, who faces sexual assault charges after being accused of preying on dozens of women. I know we haven't had a conversation in 30 years but we'll always have something more important: "residuals". He reportedly fumbled with most of his prepared material, he drew boos from the crowd when he brought up his friend, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. "I thought it was pretty classy, he's a movie star we classed it up with tuxedos and Martha Stewart".

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"Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!"

Willis' bombshell came at the very end of the roast, so if you're a Die Hard fan, make sure you tune into the whole show to catch it.

However, Bruce took it all in his stride, praising his ex for her performance and stating it was: "Terrific...very surprising and very cool". "I$3 thought I dislocated my jaw because I was laughing so hard", he said.

The Comedy Central Roast Of Bruce Willis isn't out yet, but people are already reporting on some of the sweetest burns, which you can read here.

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