Published: Sun, July 22, 2018
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

Russian Federation shipwreck found with £135 billion worth of gold on board

Russian Federation shipwreck found with £135 billion worth of gold on board

Citing historical accounts, The Express reports that the Dmitry Donskoi may be treasure-laden.

The first key question for officials will be the timeline, which could theoretically play in Shinil's favor: The individuals who owned any possible treasure hidden in the South Korean shipwreck won't be alive anymore, so instead of having to return the recovered goods - while being able to request a reward - the company would fall into the "treasure hunting" category. One of them, Dong-Ah Construction, was accused of spreading false rumors to bump up its stock prices and later went bankrupt.

Jeil's stock prices sharply rose after Shinil's claim before they dropped more than 20% after Thursday's trading.

In a separate statement on its website, Shinil Group described its newly launched "Donskoi International" crypto currency exchange as linked to the find.

They hope to raise the ship, known as Dmitrii Donskoi, in October or November.

While the thought of up to $130 billion worth of gold is causing shivers of excitement in investors and others, several historians are expressing doubt.

In addition, one report said the South Korean government has indicated the Shinil group has neither notified it, nor applied for an excavation permit.

The ship was named after a Russian grand prince of Moscow, he said, who was the first to beat the Mongol horde in 1380.

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He expressed scepticism that there was a large batch of gold on board, saying there would have been no point in risking transporting valuable cargo by sea with war with Japan looming on the horizon.

The Financial Supervisory Service says it is closely monitoring trade activity involving the shares of Jeil Steel.

Local laws aimed at preserving national territory and property require the company to deposit 10 per cent of the estimated value of the shipwreck before starting its salvage works.

Seoul's Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries said in a press release that any excavation project must be approved and the company has not submitted an application.

It's not everyday your country is a key component of an undersea mission to locate a century-old shipwreck that could contain hundreds of billions-worth of treasure.

According to The Telegraph, a joint team with experts from South Korea, Britain, and Canada used two manned submersibles to film the wreck at a depth of more than 1,400 feet. "We'll soon go ahead with procedures to rescue the ship".

A South Korean Financial Ministry official responsible for the issue said that Russian Federation may be able to claim ownership.

Even if the ship is hoisted and treasures are found, their ownership could be disputed.

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