Published: Sat, August 11, 2018
Money | By Ralph Mccoy

"Deal with is Mexico Coming Along Nicely...Canada Must Wait".

On Wednesday, Breitbart reported that former New York Stock Exchange President Tom Farley said expected Trump to reach a trade deal with Mexico before the midterm elections and possibly with the European Union. But he threatened Canada with auto tariffs if the USA and Canada can't forge a deal. It is Canada that has proven the stumbling block in renegotiating NAFTA.

In a tweet, the president also said a Nafta deal with Mexico "is coming along nicely".

He said any deal with Mexico must take care of American autoworkers and farmers, but he praised the new president of Mexico, calling him "an absolute gentleman".

Trump went on to warn that he would tax Canadian auto exports if Washington and Ottawa could not arrive at a deal. "It's the only way we'll get to a deal", Austen said.

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At the close of the 3rd consecutive week of discussions in Washington, Guajardo said a deal was still possible by the end of the month.

In response, Canadian officials announced "dollar for dollar" retaliatory tariffs, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called them at the time, to the tune of over C$16 billion in US imports. -Mexican issues were resolved, Canada could rejoin the talks to work on tri-lateral issues.

The automotive officials said that Mexico had sought reassurances that new content rules would not cause losses of existing facilities or jobs in the sector and that a NAFTA deal would make Mexico immune to any automotive tariff Trump imposes on national security grounds.

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