Published: Sat, August 18, 2018
Medical | By Vicki Mclaughlin

Overdose total hits 76 in CT park near Yale

Overdose total hits 76 in CT park near Yale

Police had charged two other men, Felix Melendez, 37, and John Parker, 53, with possessing the drug in their aggressive investigation into the overdoses.

The victims ranged in age; however, many are part of the homeless population in the city, police said.

Victims displayed a multitude of symptoms, including "vomiting, hallucinating, high blood pressure, shallow breathing, semi-conscious and unconscious states", according to Rick Fontana, director of the city's Office of Emergency Operations. Seventy-twopeople were rushed to nearby hospitals while four refused medical care. No deaths were reported, but officials said two people had life-threatening symptoms.

Police Chief Anthony Campbell said one of three people arrested in connection with the overdoses apparently gave K2 away for free in an effort to get people hooked.

An official in the city said earlier there were a total of 25 overdoses over a three-hour span and that some overdoses were "in multiples of 4-6 at a time".

Campbell said some of those people who overdosed were sent back to the hospital as many as five times after consuming the drugs again. 'Narcan was not effective here at the scene, ' said Alston.

The synthetic drug K2 is suspect to be the reason for these overdoses.

Mayor Toni Harp said plans were being finalized for President Trump's drug czar nominee, Jim Carroll, to visit New Haven on Monday.

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First responders scrambled all day Wednesday to handle almost 80 overdoses caused by what officials believe to be synthetic marijuana, which is commonly called K2.

Campbell said New Haven provides an array of services to people addicted to drugs, many of whom come from other towns where such treatment programs aren't available.

Today New Haven was on the front lines of a coast-to-coast struggle to combat the public health menace of illicit distribution and use of what appear to be tainted street drugs. "It is taking people out very quickly, people having respiratory failure". Video footage showed some of the patients fighting with paramedics as the paramedics attempted to administer aid, even as the emergency responders sprinted around the park as new victims became visible due to intense seizures.

The response from emergency responders has been "tremendous", Fontana said.

The slew of overdoses comes as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published a preliminary report on Wednesday on the record number of American drug deaths.

"The substance behind these overdoses is highly unsafe and must be avoided", Malloy said, adding that state public health officials had delivered 50 doses of Naloxone to New Haven to replenish the supply expended by first responders over the course of the 24-hour crisis.

"We're getting another call of a person", Alston said.

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