Published: Mon, August 20, 2018
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

Google One Launches with New Cloud Storage Tiers

Google One Launches with New Cloud Storage Tiers

According to the site, Google recommends manually backing up WhatsApp before the November 12 date. You can select how often you'd like your WhatsApp messages to be backed up, what Google account you want them backed up to, and whether or not you want backups to happen over mobile networks or just Wi-Fi. Well, that will no longer be the case - thanks to a new agreement between WhatsApp and Google. The new name makes sense, since Google Drive storage formerly encompassed space allotted to a wide swath of Google products, such as Photos, Docs, and Gmail, as well as files actually stored in Drive. As a outcome of the deal, backups that haven't been updated in more than a year will be removed - so it's a good idea to do a manual backup before November just in case you don't have it set to do it by itself.

Unfortunately, this only works for Android. iOS will only communicate with iCloud, so if you're using an iPhone, you'll have to back up there (and use your storage) instead.

Having said that, this new agreement will come into effect for all users from November 12, 2018, and, those WhatsApp backups that haven't been updated in more than a year will be removed automatically from Google Drive storage. Click on "Chats" and tap the "Chat backup" option.

President Trump Hammering Out New NAFTA Deal With Mexico
Guajardo also sounded an optimistic note Friday, where he wrapped up his fourth straight week of discussions with Lighthizer. The administration has recently been working directly with Mexico, as it continues a war of words with Canada.

Jose Mourinho fears Man United's confidence will be hit by Brighton defeat
I don't think its right that City have dragged up interviews with Jose and De Bruyne, obviously that was a mistake. When I can not do that, don't push me to the other side because I will not go to the other side.

350 killed by floods in India's Kerala
A consignment of six tonnes will be despatched to Kerala on Saturday, while another five tonnes will follow shortly. Punjab, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu have already announced aid for flood-ravaged Kerala.

If you haven't backup your WhatsApp to Drive before, you can do so under Menu Settings Chats Chat backup.

Our WhatsApp backup on Google Drive stands at more than 1.5 GB.

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