Published: Mon, August 20, 2018
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Netflix is testing promo adverts between TV show episodes

Netflix is testing promo adverts between TV show episodes

Over the weekend Netflix has rolled out advertising for it's original programming in between episodes of other shows over the weekend and their customers aren't happy.

In the meantime, for Netflix subscribers who are anxious they will be affected by the test and other experimental features like it, the streaming service does offer a way for users to opt out.

Those auto-playing video previews weren't met with fanfare, though, and the prospect of Netflix ads doesn't seem to be either, even if they are skippable and for original Netflix content. Netflix users do have the ability to opt out of tests.

It appears that only a select group of Netflix users will see the ads at first as the company tests out whether or not they're effective at getting people to watch more shows. "It had what YouTube ads have, a timed skip button meaning I'm forced to watch ads", the user said.

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Some maintain that they shouldn't be bombarded with ads if they're paying for a subscription, with the monthly cost ranging from $9.99 to $17.99.

Although the concept of binge-watching existed before Netflix, the streaming giant has made it easier than ever before to watch multiple episodes of a TV show in a row.

Subscribers on Twitter have dismissed this explanation, saying that it's unfair to receive ads at all if they're paying. Stop it, ' one person wrote. Three ads just so i could finish the last 3 minutes of an episode of the Office?' said another. As well as the likes of Amazon and Hulu, a number of studios have started to produce new shows intended for exclusive streaming on their own subscriber platforms.

Netflix did not immediately return a request for further comment.

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