Published: Mon, August 20, 2018
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

Trump considering plan to privatize Afghanistan War

Trump considering plan to privatize Afghanistan War

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai limited the use of contractors in Afghanistan in 2010, a policy the current government would have to overturn for this proposal to be viable.

Highlighting the failure of both the deadly "conventional" approach the US has taken in Afghanistan over the past 16 years and Prince's plan to continue the war for profit, Miles went on to suggest an option that-for obvious reasons-Mitchell and Prince both ignored, one that is virtually never aired on corporate media networks like MSNBC.

American President Donald Trump may replace the American servicemen in Afghanistan with the manpower of the private military company Blackwater, which belongs to Erik Prince. "I know he's frustrated", he said.

According to the TV channel, many members of the National security Council, and also Minister of Defense of the U.S.A. James Mattis and State Secretary Mike Pompeo are speaking against this plan. These military contractors would directly report to Trump. "He gave the Pentagon what they wanted.And they haven't delivered".

A year ago, in the run-up to the decision to increase troop levels, Trump's then-adviser Steve Bannon pushed for the same idea that Prince is advocating for today: putting private military companies in place of USA soldiers in Afghanistan. That envoy, in return, would report directly to Trump. Aside from the envoy, who would oversee issues arising from potential misdeeds or mishandling of the war effort by private troops?

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It's also a proposal that wouldn't likely be backed by the government in Afghanistan. The Afghan War started under President George W. Bush's administration not long after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, continued throughout Barack Obama's presidency and has continued under Trump's presidency.

"It's a ridiculous idea".

"Shame on MSNBC for giving Erik Prince a megaphone", Stephen Miles, director of Win Without War, wrote on Twitter following Prince's interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell.

And a senior State Department official said there's "not a chance" it will be adopted.

As usually happens when Prince makes his periodic appearances on corporate news shows to tout his opportunistic, for-profit war plan, critics were quick to highlight his horrendous track-record and argue that his plan to privatize the war in Afghanistan would lead to even less oversight and more bloodshed. The Trump administration ought to reject this idea as foolhardy, and hopefully Trump himself will learn to be more patient with his commanders, rather than give into the media blitz campaign that Prince has in mind to sell the idea.

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