Published: Sat, September 01, 2018
Medical | By Vicki Mclaughlin

Texas nurse under investigation after posting on anti-vaccination page

Texas nurse under investigation after posting on anti-vaccination page

A nurse in Texas was sacked after she allegedly posted about a young patient who may have the measles on an anti-vaccination group's Facebook page, officials with the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston said this week.

The organization's statement on the nurse's firing said, "We were made aware that one of our nurses posted protected health information regarding a patient on social media".

The young boy recently traveled out of the country and officials say he may have contracted the disease overseas.

After seeing the infected child at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, the nurse allegedly posted on the Proud Parents of Unvaccinated Children - Texas Facebook page, admitting her horror at the boy's illness but reaffirming her anti-vaxxer stance. "The kid was super sick".

According to screenshots taken by a concerned parent, who flagged the post with the hospital, the nurse reaffirmed her anti-vaccination stance, saying what she witnessed by no means changed her stance and "never will". We know vaccination is the best protection against measles, ' a hospital spokesperson told Daily Mail Online in an emailed statement.

During the investigation, the children's hospital also noted that "the views of this employee do not represent that of the organization".

"Texas Children's Hospital's highest priority is the health and safety of those we serve".

The Texas Children's nurse was struck, but unmoved by seeing her first measles patient.

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Inside the Houston hospital, a little boy between the ages of 1 and 3 years old has tested positive for the highly infectious disease measles.

Houston's last confirmed measles case was in 2013. Hotez cautioned Texas potentially sat on a measles "time bomb" that could explode in 2018 because of plummeting vaccination rates.

The Houston Health Department is investigating the "suspected" case of measles and waiting for verification from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It said the nurse in question was in good standing with the licensing board, but it would not comment on her vaccination status.

Javor-Romeis says all staff are "strongly encouraged" to receive routine immunizations, and that employees who opt out may not be allowed to work in some areas of the hospital.

Lower vaccination rates for measles and other preventable diseases have been tied to outbreaks in the US and Europe.

Measles, also known as rubeola, is a highly contagious virus that spreads through respiratory droplets, especially coughing and sneezing, according to medical officials. "And two, it's so easily transmittable to someone else", Shah said.

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